!997’s Dorian Taj’s Puppet Record released to online mp3 stores

1st Dorian Taj solo record after the demise of Wait For Light now available in mp3 form. Here is what it originally looked like(graphic design by Mark Jaroski). Available at Itunes, Amazon, Think Indie etc.

Front cover

So many stories on the making of this. Wicker park, Chicago, Meatloaf at Friars Grill, Augusta st. that might come later.

Inside fold( drawing of dorian by Alice B.)

Middle 90’s and division st. is still desolate.

Back of fold( potrait of Dorian by Dorian Cryer)

Innertown Pub, Sweet Alice, Czar Bar, Buzy Bee, And the Incredible Leo’s Lunchroom.


Top floor of St. Mary’s hospital, Kingsize Sound Labs,  Lenny Dietsch, Jason Labrosse, Lance Willie, Virus X, Joe Irrazari, Chin Kim, Susan Tunney, Sophie Lee, Mike Hoben Kris Kizer and the mighty Ticklepenny.

tray card

Long live the Puppet.

About doriantaj

Dorian Anthony Alexander Tajbakhsh, better known as Dorian Taj, is a guitarist and singer/songwriter from Chicago, IL. He made his first records with the hardcore punk band Articles of Faith, whom he joined just prior to the recording of their first album, "Give Thanks" produced by Bob Mould. Afterwards, he played in the local noise band, End Result, appearing on their lone release, a 12" EP called "Ward" released on Steve Albini's Ruthless label.. He later formed a rock band called "Wait For Light". After living in Los Angeles for a time, the band returned to Chicago to record the debut Album at Phil Bonnet's Solid Sound.After a European tour Wait For Light disbanded. D.T. eventually began performing with a band under his own name, the longest being the the Aaron Bakker, Tom Atteberry, Alex Moore/Danny Severson incarnation. Releasing the Puppet Record(Joe Irizarry, John Hiler sessions), The Tobacco Record(The Dave Trumfio sessions) , and The Hating Game(Dan Dietrick, Ed Tinley, Jeff Boyd sessions).The current band which features Anthony Rubino-guitar, justin Loftus-bass and Danny Severson-drums are finishing the new album “Giant” which will be released in early 2014. You can check it out at www.doriantaj.com and hear some work in progress mixes of “between Angels” , “No Future”, and ” S&H Green Stamps below”. http://soundcloud.com/doriantaj/between-angels/s-BL4je http://soundcloud.com/doriantaj/no-future-kevin-jr-doriantaj/s-UcgPO http://soundcloud.com/doriantaj/s-h-greenstamps/s-vYCG1 Present members are: Anthony Rubino-guitar Justin Loftus-Bass Danny Severson-drums
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